Paper and Corrugated Cardboard Pallet Buyers Guide and Suppliers List

Paper pallets, including corrugated cardboard pallets and honeycomb, are valued for a number of attributes, including ISPM-15 compliance, sanitation, their light weight and ease of recycling. Because they are so easily recycled, they provide an alternative to reusable pallets where reverse logistics is a challenge. They are great for one-way shipping applications and they can be easily customized to a variety of footprint sizes.

A vendor list is provided below. Although many of the listed companies have been in business for many years and have a solid reputation in the marketplace, any inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement from Buyers are urged to always undertake due diligence prior to any purchase.

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Featured Supplier


Litco International. Ph. 800-236-1903. Litco focuses on product protection and damage prevention during all phases of product shipment both domestically and shipments abroad. Its export-friendly pallets include the Inca(R) molded wood pallet, as well as corrugated cardboard pallets.

Paper/Corrugated Pallet Suppliers: North America


Corrugated Pallets Company.  Ph. 416 252 3148

Corrupal. Ph. 450 638-4222

Cortek Inc. Ph. 910 582-0100

DDN Industries, Inc. Ph. 847 885-8595

DS Smith.  Ph. 630 296-2000

EcoDuro. Ph. 866 766-0793

Elsons International. Ph. 877 452-9897

Erdie Industries. Ph. 440 288-0166

GL Packaging Products, Inc. Ph. 800 224-5440

Green Ox Pallets. Ph. 800 258-4669

Hurst Manufacturing.  Ph. 309 738-0461.

Kraftpal.  Ph. 253 686 6201

LIFDEK. Ph. 407 358-8393

Moore Packaging Corporation. Ph. 416 287-6848

Ox Box. Ph. 630-620-1269

Sonoco. Ph. 800 289-9966

Tyoga Container.  Ph. 570-835-5295


Paper/Corrugated Pallet Suppliers: Europe

Alpesa.  Ph. +34 96 282 38 56

DS Smith.  Ph. +32 2 718 37 11

Eltete (manufacturing systems installed internationally) Ph. +358 10 505 6450

IP3 Concept.  Ph. + 33 (0) 972 309 171

Kipas Paper and Packaging Company.  Ph. +90 344 236 38 00

Kraftpal.  Ph. +43 664 9270345

PGS Group.  Ph. +33 235 66 02 78

Pooling Partners (Easypal).  Ph. +31(0)344 694101

The Paper Pallet Company.  Ph. +44 (0)1933 283920


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Ikea paper pallet

IKEA’s transformation to paper pallets caught the attention of the pallet sector.


Eltete supplies paper pallet manufacturing lines for on-site production of paper pallets.

Eltete supplies paper pallet manufacturing lines for the on-site production of paper pallets.


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  2. Good start! There many more carton pallet producers, especially in China and India.

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