Green Ox® Partners with Edson Packaging Machinery to Develop Corrugated Pallet Assembly Machine

Paper pallet assembly machine

Green Ox Corrugated Pallet Assembly Machine

Green Ox® Pallet Technology, the exclusive global provider of Green Ox corrugated pallets, and Edson Packaging Machinery, a Pro Mach brand and respected leader in end-of-line automation for multiple industries, have partnered to develop a corrugated pallet assembly machine.

The new 700 square foot machine, which features up to four stations and can assemble 200-250 corrugated paper pallets per hour, provides Just In Time (J-I-T) pallet production for end-of-line, real-time pallet availability. The in-line assembly of paper pallets helps reduce inbound freight as well as site pallet storage requirements.

The assembly machine was custom-engineered to assemble Green Ox’s lightweight but strong corrugated pallets, which deliver on several business benefits including reduced transportation costs (especially on airfreight); space optimization on trucks; ISPM-15 exemption; a 100% sterile and recyclable pallet; reduced product damage; fewer worker injuries; custom designs and sizes that fit the product; and advancement of sustainability objectives.

“Now that they (corrugated pallets) can be assembled in volume and available to companies in real-time,” commented Adam Pener, president of Green Ox Pallet Technology, “the sky is the limit.”

The corrugated pallet assembly machine will be sold and supported exclusively through Green Ox Pallet Technology, however, Edson will be offering demonstrations of the machine at their corporate headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. These demonstrations will showcase the new pallet assembly machine and its real-time assembly of Green Ox® corrugated pallets to companies that are interested in learning how they can more readily and conveniently take advantage of the benefits of paper pallets.

“We are excited to work with Green Ox by manufacturing the first ever corrugated pallet forming machine for their innovative product,” states Gary Evans, VP & General Manager of Edson. “The simple machine will allow companies to quickly form their own standard and customized corrugated pallets on demand.”

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