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End Shrink Wrap Expense by Using Reusable Pallet Containment Systems: Wraps, Bands, Straps and Nets

Reusable pallet containment systems, including pallet wraps, bands, straps and nets, can eliminate the cost of shrink wrap and stretch wrap, reduce solid waste, and provide better product protection. If you feel dizzy from the rising cost of … [Read More...]

The Importance of IoT for Cold Chain

The promise of real-time cold chain visibility has long intrigued cold chain leaders. For practical purposes, however, that initial excitement seemed to atrophy into many years of ‘hurry up and wait.’ The promise of real-time cold chain … [Read More...]

How Global Trends Are Shaping the Urgency for Reusable Packaging Systems

Single-use packaging and a throwaway culture have led to waste crises at a global scale. Speaking at PACK EXPO 2018 International in Chicago, Tim Debus, CEO of the Reusable Packaging Association took a global perspective, exploring how macro trends … [Read More...]

Will the New War on Disposable Plastic Be an Opportunity for Reusables?

This article was originally published in January 2018. The urgency for fresh solutions to the disposable plastic problems continues to underscore the potential for the increased usage of reusable packaging. The hounds are in pursuit. The Guardian … [Read More...]

Plastic Pallet Options Include Rackable, Stackable or Nestable – and More

What are the options you require for your plastic pallet application? Purchasers of plastic pallets will have a wide variety of nestable, rackable and stackable pallets to choose from, depending upon the style that best fits their needs, not to … [Read More...]

Choosing the Best Pallet Color

Color, Pallet and Pooling - Factors to Consider in Picking Pallet Color The color of a pallet remains an important consideration for any pallet pool. Just ask CHEP or other pallet and reusable packaging pools around the world that utilize … [Read More...]

Global Grocery Markets Forecast to Create $1.9 Trillion Opportunity by 2023

The leading 20 global grocery markets are set to generate an additional US$1.9 trillion in sales, growing by 28% between 2018 and 2023, new forecasts from global research organisation IGD predict. IGD’s forecast anticipates: Nearly half (44%) … [Read More...]

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