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E-commerce Packaging: One Disruption We Could Do Without

Overpackaging and other ills of e-commerce We've all heard the word "disruption" used to describe e-commerce.  Online business disrupt traditional norms, job markets, pricing structures, on and on.  They've spent a lot of time coming up with … [Read More...]

Does The World Still Need Bubble Wrap?

  Packing materials can now be made from seaweed. One inventor won a contest with an inner layer of a box that uses triangle networks to secure shippable items. Is it possible that bubble wrap, which celebrated its fifty-eighth birthday … [Read More...]

When Did Reusable Pallet Pooling Begin?

Early pallet pools emerged in the 1940s and became the beginning of a much larger logistics trend. The pooling of reusable packaging and pallets is an important component of today’s supply chain efficiency and sustainability efforts. While pooling … [Read More...]

Cut the Scrap! 8 Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Pallets and Crating

Looking to get rid of unwanted pallets and packaging? You can eliminate scrap pallets or crating material quickly, and perhaps sell those unwanted pallets, with a little planning. The accumulation of scrap wood pallets, dunnage and wooden … [Read More...]

Sustainable Packaging Alternative for Meal Kit, Refrigerated Product Delivery

Only four years ago TemperPack was a garage business founded by three young friends. They were focused on developing a ‘green’ alternative to Styrofoam and quickly latched onto the meal kit industry as it began taking off. TemperPack, which … [Read More...]

They Need Your Help

Reusable packaging can't manage itself, at least not yet. Somewhere in a tidy counselor's office, reusable bin and front line ops manager alike plop awkwardly, side by side onto some comfy Herman Miller chairs as the air swooshes out. Actually, … [Read More...]

Automotive Packaging: Role Continues to Evolve in Global Supply Chains

As automotive assembly has become global in nature, the impact of transportation costs on return of empty reusable packaging has influenced automotive packaging selection. And while an increased reliance on expendable packaging has saved on empty … [Read More...]

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