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Lowering Automation Costs Opening Door for Wider Implementation

One of the anticipated drivers of reusable packaging and pallet systems is automation. A new report from PMMI suggests that the automation trend is now gaining more traction with smaller and medium-sized producers. As costs decline for … [Read More...]

Five global retail trend predictions for 2018

The top five trends expected to shape the global retail market over the next 12 months have been unveiled by IGD, the international grocery research organisation. The predictions, identified by IGD’s international research, shopper insights and … [Read More...]

Alberta’s Bioeconomy: Under Construction

Last week the Government of Alberta announced its fourth renewal of the Bioenergy Producer Program. Bioenergy program history is summarized as follows, based on published program information: 2007-2011:  Support for liquid biofuels, electricity and … [Read More...]

Three key issues facing the protective and transit packaging market

Three industry trends are providing incentives for innovation and are creating new opportunities and threats for players in the global protective transit packaging business. Protective transit packaging is integral to the safe and efficient … [Read More...]

Check Out Some of Packaging Design Winners from WorldStar 2018

Here are the reusable packaging design winners from the WorldStar 2018 competition, sponsored by the World Packaging Association. The group promotes packaging innovation, encouraging the development of packaging technology, science and engineering; … [Read More...]

Cut the Scrap! 8 Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Pallets and Crating

Looking for wood recycling opportunities for unwanted pallets and packaging? You can get rid of scrap pallets or crating material quickly, and perhaps sell those unwanted pallets, with a little planning. The accumulation of scrap wood pallets, … [Read More...]

Why Palletize?

The palletization of goods provides many benefits for supply chain operations. Move one box at a time or up to one hundred? Pallets were largely accepted to be one of the two greatest innovations of the Twentieth Century, along with the barcode. … [Read More...]

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