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Why Palletize?

The palletization of goods provides many benefits for supply chain operations.   Move one box at a time or up to one hundred? Pallets were largely accepted to be one of the two greatest innovations of the Twentieth Century, along with … [Read More...]

Standard Pallet Sizes in Inches and Centimeters; the Strategic Importance of Choosing the Right Size

A review of standard pallet dimensions, why standard sizes are important in supply chain operations, and a list of pallet standards resources. There are a number of standard sizes for pallets being used in the United States and … [Read More...]

Free Pallets – Ten Places Where to Find Free or Low Cost Pallets

    Wondering where to find free or low-cost pallets? I often receive inquiries about where to find such pallets to start a home craft project, or more steady sources of used pallets to generate work as a pallet street vendor or a … [Read More...]

Sleeve Pack and Pallet Pack Vendors

Suppliers of plastic sleeve packs, also referred to as pallet packs and pallet sleeves. are listed below. What is a sleeve pack? A sleeve pack, also known as a pallet pack, is a lightweight unit load shipping system utilized to support, store, … [Read More...]

Pallet and Container Deposits – Top Things to Consider

This post originally ran on February 27, 2012. Container and pallet deposits can be an extremely effective tool in promoting timely return of reusable packaging. Recently there has been a very good discussion about pallet and container deposit … [Read More...]

What Happened to the “Cadillac” Pallets of 1961?

Simply summed up, pallet users are finding that the per-use cost of a pallet is far more important than the purchase price -something we've been saying in the pallet industry for years. The only difference today is that a man who wants to apply this … [Read More...]

9 Eco-Friendly Packaging Alternatives for Your Shipping Needs

Choosing packaging that better supports sustainability By Cory Levins We all know how important it is to reduce our impact on the environment. Many businesses are now improvising with new ways of designing and producing their products, … [Read More...]

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