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TriEnda and Penda Corporation Collaborate to Address Urgent Hospital Bed Shortage

Collaboration looks to combat hospital bed shortages related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kruger Family Industries (KFI) has announced a critical collaboration between two key brands in their portfolio, TriEnda and Penda.  These brands have … [Read More...]

Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation announces antimicrobial safety products in support of healthcare associated infection (HAI) control and inhibition

Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation, the global manufacturer of the world’s only polymer fusion technology products for Safety Labeling and Graphics based in Clarkdale, Arizona has announced the introduction of their new proprietary line of polymer fusion … [Read More...]

3 Ways A Global Packaging Marketplace Can Boost Growth For Indie Suppliers

by Sally Fink The OPN Platform is a global packaging marketplace designed to connect buyers, suppliers, and vendors quickly.  You know how it goes. You took the plunge to start your own business and now you’re facing the prospect of finding … [Read More...]

Recycleye wins new investment from Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

Grosvenor Backs Two Innovative Start-Ups With £10,000 Social Impact Prize Two start-up businesses have received £10,000 from Grosvenor Britain & Ireland to further the development of their business. The teams, Recycleye and Tempo Market, are … [Read More...]

Government is treating the symptom, not the cause of plastic pollution

In response to public pressure, the government is tackling plastic pollution by addressing individual uses of plastic, like some plastic bags and microbeads. While bans on items likely to damage the environment are necessary, this approach completely … [Read More...]

Renewable Energy and Cogeneration

Most people realize that it would be better for our planet and all its inhabitants if we were to make greater use of renewable energy. But if you ask them why that's a good idea, they might not get past saying that renewable energy constitutes an … [Read More...]

Earth Day Network announces shift to global digital mobilizations for 50th anniversary of Earth Day

March 17, 2020, WASHINGTON, D.C. — Amid the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, Earth Day Network, the global organizer of Earth Day, will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with the first Digital Earth Day, a global digital … [Read More...]

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