Wood Pallet Production and Usage Statistics for Spain

According to the Spanish ONS, production of new pallets increased by 2 percent. FEDEMCO has detected a 2 percent  increase in movements of all types of wooden pallets.

According to the ONS, the production of new pallets in 2014 rose to over 43 million pallets, 2 percent more than in 2013.

According to data gathered by FEDEMCO from a survey carried out on over 300 packaging and distribution companies, the Spanish market generated over 363 million movements of new and used pallets in 2014, 2 percent more than in 2013. 45 percent of the total movements corresponded to pallets belonging to rental systems and 55 percent corresponded to the rest (disposable, reusable, European type pallets, etc.).

This study concludes that amongst the economic sectors that use pallets the most are the sector of “wholesale trade and intermediaries” and the sector of “production of other non-metal mineral products” (including the production of ceramic products, cement, plaster, lime, concrete, glass, etc.), while the “food”, “wholesale trade” and “retail trade” sectors are where the demand for rented pallets is greater.

Except for the case of rented pallets, approximately 63 percent of the more than 199 million movements of other types of pallets are also pallets that have been reused either by the user (49 percent) or by a recovery manager (14 percent). Of the remaining 37 percent, 24 percent corresponds to new pallets, and 13 percent corresponds to imported pallets in trade deals overseas.s.

According to FEDEMCO, in 2014 pallet recoverers reintroduced around 28 million pallets on the market, 10 percent less than in 2013. 99 percent of this recovery was carried out by manufacturers and managers specialising in the recovery, classification and repair of pallets, and the remaining 1 percent by other types of waste managers. According to the recoverers, 39 percent of the total number of pallets recovered are European type pallets, 17 percent are originally disposable pallets and 43 percent are other types of pallets.