Wilmington Machinery Expands Its Pallateer Plastic Pallet Production Line

Wilmington Machinery has expanded its product offering of its plastic pallet making systems with the new Pallateer #4 System (PM #4). The PM #4 is the highest production system in the Lumina Pallateer Series of machinery offered by Wilmington Machinery. The PM #4 is a fully automated production cell employing dual, stack mold technology (four cavities). Utilizing an extruder capable of melting 2400lbs or 1090Kgs per hour, this system can produce 960,000 nestable one-way pallets per year of a 48″x48″ or 1200mm x 1200mm pallet.

plastic pallet machineIncluded with the system is the top entry stacking robot, blender, loaders, nitrogen gas generator, mold cooling water chiller and two (2) stack type dual cavity aluminum molds with support beam. The compact PM #4 fits in a footprint of only 14.5 x 5 meters.

LUMINA Pallateer Plastic Pallet Molding Systems have capacities ranging from 25 to 120 pallets per hour (over 900,000 per year) on a single Wilmington Molding System.

Visit www.wilmingtonmachinery.com for additional information regarding the capabilities of the PM #4 System.

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