Wilmington Machinery Appointment – Andreas Lehnhofer

Wilmington, NC: Wilmington Machinery, a manufacturer of high speed rotary coextrusion blow molding systems and structural foam injection molding machinery, is pleased to announce the appointment of Andreas Lehnhofer To Operation Manager/Product Manager- Injection Molding Division.

Andreas Lehnhofer brings 20 years of worldwide experience in engineering/design, application and sales from two of the largest Injection, Extrusion and Automation machine builders in the world— Battenfeld, USA /Austria, and Krauss-Maffei USA/Munich, Germany to Wilmington Machinery. His most recent post was as Operation Manager for three automotive plants in the USA, Mexico and Germany. Andreas earned a MS in mechanical engineering, Vienna, Austria and a BS in production management, Villanova, USA.

About Wilmington Machinery:

For over 40 years Wilmington Machinery has supported it customers with high quality design, manufacturing and technical support of high speed rotary blow molding machinery for packaging, high output structural foam molding machinery and proprietary plastic processing machinery.

For more information, visit: www.wilmingtonmachinery.com

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