Wicker-Look Crates Add Sizzle to Baked Goods Aisle, Reusables for Fruit Harvesting and Distribution

Plastic tray aids retail bakery merchandising efforts. Company collaborated with retailers to develop containers that bring a traditional natural look to boost shopper engagement while keeping all advantages of the RPC

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Polymer Logistics, a leader in retail ready packaging solutions, is once again pushing the envelope by launching new series of reusable plastic containers designed to look like they are made from wicker. The Wicker-Look RPC, with its attractive appearance that enhances merchandising in the retail aisle, follows the first-to-market Polymer Logistics Wood Grain RPC series, which started the trend of non-industrial containers. They will be available in all standard sizes in Europe and other markets by the third quarter of 2016.

“The Wicker-Look RPC is a groundbreaking solution that will improve the shopper experience, particularly in the bakery industry, and result in sales lift for our retail users. New merchandising opportunities are limited only by the marketer’s and store manager’s imagination,” said Gideon Feiner, President & CEO, Polymer Logistics.

“This latest move away from industrial crates is the result of our work with several retailers around the world who wanted to merchandise bakery products, which have long been displayed in rattan wicker crates. As always, we’re passionately supporting our retailer and supplier customers with the latest and best products and services.”

Polymer Logistics Wicker-Look RPCs have the ‘Active Lock’ system that secures the containers when erected but allows panels to fold smoothly and quietly when the lock is released. It is foldable and stackable to maximize truck and store space and is lightweight for easy handling. The RPCs are more environmentally sustainable than traditional packaging and offer significant cost savings when compared to disposable boxes. They are compatible with the Polymer Logistics pallet and dolly line for easy maneuverability and placement on the retail floor and are made of an easy-to-clean material that resists moisture, acids, fats, solvents, insects, and fungi.


Focus on fruit harvesting and distribution, says Schoeller Allibert  

Schoeller Allibert, a leading global producer of plastic returnable transit packaging (RTP), will be highlighting the need for safe and hygienic harvesting and distribution solutions for fruit and fresh produce at this year’s Fruit Focus.

text boxThe fruit industry’s leading technical event will be held at the East Malling Research Centre in Kent on Wednesday 20 July, with one of the main talking points being ‘a supply chain…that’s fit for the future’. Showcasing its dedicated fruit harvesting and distribution solutions on stand 502, Schoeller Allibert will be demonstrating how its ‘field-to-shelf’ RTP range can achieve cost and time savings throughout the supply chain while protecting produce and maintaining optimum levels of hygiene.

Available to view at the stand will be the new MaxiLog® bulk container, which is 20 percent lighter than previous generations, helping users to reduce fuel costs and carbon footprint. Inside, the food contact-approved container features curved corners and sloped horizontal surface to optimise hygiene and speed up the cleaning process while preventing water retention. MaxiLog® is particularly suited to the harvesting and distribution of top fruit including apples and pears, and visitors to Fruit Focus can take advantage of an exclusive price promotion which has been extended solely for the event.

Also on show is Schoeller Allibert’s fruit picking tray which is ideal for berries and other soft fruit thanks to its narrow ventilated sides and smooth surfaces which can safely contain even the smallest berries with excellent air circulation for freshness. Here too Fruit Focus visitors can take advantage of low prices offered at the show, with a special price promotion on trays available in a variety of colours. Each tray offers a capacity of up to 23 litres with a weight of just 0.9kg, reducing transit packaging costs when replacing corrugated trays.

Maxilog Fruit & Veg harvesting bulk boxBoth MaxiLog® and the fruit picking trays are fully recyclable at the end of their long working lives, further enhancing the environmental benefits of using plastic RTP in the fruit supply chain.

Damian Gilbertson, Sales Director UK & Eire of Schoeller Allibert, said: “These products are designed to go from fruit growers and processors straight to supermarket shelves, so reduce the amount of handling required. This not only helps take cost out of the supply chain, it reduces the danger of damage to more delicate produce as it makes its way to the consumer. As the packaging is returnable, they are also designed to maximise space utilisation by achieving greater vehicle fill on return trips.”

For further information, please visit www.schoellerallibert.com