White & Co. Acquired by Ongweoweh Corp

The trend towards pallet providers offering a systems approach to pallet, transport packaging and unit load solutions continues with the announcement that Ongweoweh acquired White & Co., LLC, an independent packaging research and consulting firm.Ongweoweh believes that its customers will benefit, while providing White & Co. the opportunity to expand their service and software offerings.

The purchase of the packaging research and consulting firm, along with access to their proprietary software solutions, Best Pallet™ and Best Load™, fits into Ongweoweh’s strategy to shift the company to a focus on unit load optimization. Ongweoweh believes that the partnership will deliver an outstanding combination of packaging expertise and operational know-how.

“The acquisition, of White & Co., complements our overall unit load technology offering; it affords us the opportunity to provide our current and prospective customers with multiple solutions. This investment represents an opportunity to expand the already strong reputation of Ongweoweh Corp, and to build upon the progressive ideals of my father”, said Daniel F. Bonamie, President & Chief Executive Officer, of Ongweoweh Corp.  “While White & Co. will continue to operate as an independent packaging research and consulting firm, we look forward to working alongside Dr. White and his team.  Marketing and distribution of Best Pallet™ and Best Load™ will be among our first priorities.”

“We are very excited about the opportunities, for both Ongweoweh Corp and White & Co., which will come from this partnership. I have long admired the successful vision of Frank, Dan, and everyone at Ongweoweh”, said Mark White, President of White & Co., LLC. “As an independent consulting and software development company, we look forward to bringing value to the customers and clients of both companies. This new partnership will allow White & Co. to expand its packaging and unit load design services, and develop new software products for companies that manufacture and distribute consumer and industrial products.”

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