Western Pallet Association Annual Meeting: Some Assembly Required

The Western Pallet Association Annual Meeting will once again take place at the Rancho Las Palmas, in Rancho Mirage, California. The meeting will run January 15-18, 2011, with the conference portion taking place on Sunday January 16 and Monday January 17.

Dr. Chuck Ray, Penn State

Speakers and Topics

  • Bruce Scholnick:    Threats and Opportunities Confronting Our Industry
  • Karen Wanamaker:    State and Federal Pallet Legislation/Regulation
  • Chuck Ray : Economist’s Perspective of the Road Ahead in the Softwood Lumber Industry
  • John Swenby : PIMS Viability and the New Costco Standard
  • Stephanie Happer:    Wood Products Certification: Can It Benefit the Pallet Industry?
  • Simon Trillwood:    Export Packaging and Product Protection
  • Bill Eggertson:    Wood Packaging, a Good Choice for the Environment
  • David Deal:    Pallet Contamination – Standards, Regulations, and Best Practices
  • Grace Terpstra:    2010 Elections – Revolution or Repetition?

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