Werit Offers Plastic Pallet Rental Scheme in UK

European manufacturer of innovative plastic pallets, IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) and canisters used for transporting hazardous goods and food products launches pallet rental service.
WERIT-IKP-plastic-palletWerit is looking to build off the success of its successful plastic pallet sales launch in the UK. As a producer of plastic pallets Werit is uniquely placed to sell the pallet, to offer a rental scheme or to offer a combination in order to cater to customer demands.

“The secret to a successful renting scheme is a) a straight forward and easy to understand tariff system and b) a high quality, durable product which is usable across all industries,” says Melinda Critchley of Werit UK.

Traditionally, she notes, rental systems have been quite complex. The Werit system removes complexity and makes for a cost competitive system that is transparent and easy to manage. This is especially valid for pallets which are used in a pooling system.

Renting pallets helps the customer to top up the purchased stock in order to handle peak demand without needlessly trapping capital.

The robust nature of the Werit plastic pallet means it is well suited to repeated re-use without the need for repair. The pallet is easy to clean and does not absorb moisture. At its end of life the Werit Pallet is fully recyclable. The companies stress that the Werit pallet is a living example of sustainability, “reduce, re-use, re-cycle”.

Werit offers its pallets in wide spectrum of colours, conductivity, hygienic specifications, unique and bespoke pallet markings.

Stressing the simplicity of their offering, Felix Weger, Head of Operations for Werit UK, believes that as business gets progressively more complex, those who can offer simplified solutions will share in the benefits.

For more information, visit www.werit.eu.

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