WeePallet Looks to Get a “Drop” on the Competition

WeePallet says its plastic pallets have passed a 100-meter drop test.

Guangdong, China – WeePallet has announced that its plastic pallets have passed a 100-meter quality test. This is after the nine legs plastic pallets were dropped from a height between 120 to 150 meters off the ground.

The tests were conducted by the WeePallet quality control team alongside external quality assurance officers. A critical examination of the 30 different plastic pallets subjected to this test showed no elements of damage or weaknesses in the structure.

“WeePallet is a company that believes in strict quality control (QC); from raw material selection stage, processing, molding through to the final product,” said Mr. Blue Chen, the WeePallet Export Manager. “As an internationally recognized plastic pallet manufacturer, we will continue to perform various tests on all our products. This is to ensure that they meet the international shipping and storage standards.”

The key features of plastic pallets that passed the 100-meter drop test are:

  • High quality 100% virgin HDPE material: WeePallet uses high-quality high-density polyethylene material that has been tested in the factory laboratory. It has a high strength to density ratio, with the ability to support heavy weight and absorb shock.
  • Weight capacity: These plastic pallets are available in different designs that can support a static weight of 2T to 5T and a dynamic weight between 0.6T and 1.7T.
  • Design and Color Options: The WeePallet plastic pallets are available in blue, red, green and yellow colors. Clients can also request for customized options and designs.

Furthermore, customers can choose from thermoformed, nestable, drum and industrial grade pallets. They are designed for both lightweight and heavyweight applications.

WeePallet nestable plastic pallets can achieve a space saving equivalent to a nest ratio of 4:1. Its drum pallets are specially designed with recessed rings to securely lift and hold drums, making them a perfect choice for heavy loads.

These plastic pallets feature 4-way forklift access, providing ease of handling with material handling equipment.

As part of continued quality control (QC), WeePallet will use the 100-meter drop tests for all its remaining pallets such as the double side, picture frame, and three runner pallets. The outcome of these tests will be available on the company’s official website, according to WeePallet.

The company further states that every plastic pallet is tested to meet the international dimensional consistency standards, ensuring zero shrinkage or change in mass.

Source: WeePallet