Volta Rolls Out Gearless Motorized Drive Roller

Milwaukee, Wisconsin —  Volta24 is the first company to introduce a universal, gearless motorized drive roller which will revolutionize the conveyor industry. Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Volta24 brings 55 years of design and development experience to the motor and conveyor industry.  Volta24 is presenting the V24, a brushless DC gearless motorized drive roller, with production starting January 2018.  The need for the development of the V24 was to create a gear-less MDR that is more versatile all while providing higher reliability and durability than traditional motorized drive rollers at a reasonable price point to the customer.

The V24 is a motorized drive roller bringing more torque and speed while eliminating the need for multiple gear ratios. The V24 is an oil-free, gear-less MDR available in stainless steel for washdown applications. This product is also available in a black E-Coat finish. The V24 features a solid single through-shaft construction which keeps the design simple. In addition, the gearless design minimizes mechanical wear and allows for use in extreme temperatures. Its compact design also allows the unit to mount easily under conveyor eliminating the possibility of direct impact. There is no need for a surplus of inventory, the V24 is versatile and can be used with multiple frame widths and gear ratios. The 24-volt powered V24 operates at 35 fpm and up. The universal design incorporates both O-band and Poly-V drive options.  Larger bearings and a non- cantilever design also eliminates side load bearing failures. V24 is also compatible with a variety of ASI controllers available globally.

Volta24 is excited to announce the endorsement of Hilmot, who is a leading US conveyor manufacturer and the first to adopt the V24 and offer it in their conveyance systems. Visit Volta24 at Stand H16 For Logimat and Booth # B952 for MODEX 2018.