Very Large Wire Mesh Containers from Ultratainer Reduce Part Damage

Ultratainer wire mesh container

Ultratainer has launched a new line of very large wire mesh containers to move, to store and to protect extra-big parts. It states that containers are available in knockdown version, with an industry leading return ratio. A rigid version is also available. Custom sizes are available up to 48 inches wide and 240 inches long.

The new line was initiated after a manufacturing plant was experiencing high damage rates with very large parts. Previously, it had used two approaches. One of them was to ship them on a wood pallet. The other approach was to use a shipping rack. Both proved to be unsatisfactory in terms of preventing damage, and neither allowed for unit loads to be stacked. The use of stackable Ultratainers created much needed space in transportation, storage and line side.

Aside from extreme durability, strength and opportunities for custom sizes, wire mesh containers afford easy visibility into the inventory held within them. Wire mesh containers are also useful for lighter items. The Canadian military uses them for the return shipment of clothing, which can be fumigated while still in the containers.

Ultratainer Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of returnable packaging such as collapsible and rigid wire mesh containers with a service center in Querétaro, Mexico.

Its products are known industry-wide for their safety, durability, strength and low maintenance cost. Whether you are shipping or storing parts, equipment or other high value materiel, Ultratainer’s products allow you to protect your assets while at the same time generating savings versus disposable packaging.


Source: Ultratainer

Ultratainer wire mesh container

Two containers stacked. The stacking feature can create much needed floor space in industrial plants.


container for very large parts

A knockdown container from Ultratainer.