US Rigid Bulk Packaging Market Report Projects Growth for Rigid IBCs and Material Handling Reusables

A new report from is bullish on the growth of rigid bulk packaging, especially rigid intermediate bulk containers or RIBCs. That report, the US Rigid Bulk Packaging Market, says that demand for rigid bulk packaging is expected to reach $6.9 billion in 2017. Growth will accelerate from the performance of the recession-impacted 2007- 2012 period, and will reflect rebounds in manufacturing output and construction activity. Gains will also be driven by expanded use of larger, higher-value containers that offer enhanced performance and are more cost-effective than smaller types with shorter service lives.

RIBCs Will Lead the Way

RIBCs will be the fastest growing rigid bulk packaging product type through 2017, benefiting from a rebound in chemical production as well as cost and performance advantages over smaller, single-use, or shorter-lived packaging. Although RIBCs have a higher initial cost than other rigid bulk containers, these products offer increased storage space efficiency and longer service lives, allowing large-scale customers to realize significant long-term cost savings.

Moderating growth to some degree will be competition from flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), which are substantially less expensive than RIBCs (although not as long-lasting) and capable of accommodating liquids if used in conjunction with a liner.

Material handling containers will also experience above average gains through 2017, aided by a rebound in durable goods production following declines during the 2007-2012 period. In addition, demand will be supported by increased emphasis on sustainability, which will lead to heightened usage of returnable and reusable containers in the production of durable goods as well as in the food and agriculture industries.


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