Unwrapping the Packaging Gold Mine

The potential savings from a good packaging program have been described as a gold mine, according to description for an upcoming automotive packaging event. This workshop, taking place October 5 at the Automotive Logistics Conference in Dearborn, Michigan, examines those opportunities. The moderator is Camille Chism, Packaging Engineer, Chrysler, while Tim Nickell, Global Manager-Packaging Engineering, Visteon Corporation, is listed as panelist.

The 2010 conference theme is “The human factor: delivering flexible and efficient supply chains.” For more information or to register, visit www.automotivelogisticsglobal.com.  Both Chism and Nickell were presenters at the “Returnable Containers Call to Action and Best Practices Summit” held last October. Subsequently, AIAG undertook a pallet and lid survey, which was reported upon here in July (read more).

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