Ultima Foods Selects CHEP Pallet Program to Improve Pallet Quality and Administration, Food Safety and Customer Service

Ultima Foods, Inc., one of the leading Canadian producers and distributors of yogurt and fresh dairy products,  has signed a new contract to transport its products on pallets from CHEP. Ultima Foods now ships Yoplait yogurt and other fresh dairy products on CHEP pallets from the company’s plant in Granby, Quebec to supermarkets, mass retailers, grocery stores, club stores and foodservice operators across Canada.

Ultima Foods previously used a pallet exchange system that involved increasing inspection, repair and replacement costs. It was also representing a safety risk at their distribution centers and equipment downtime issues at their highly automated plant.

François St-Onge, Purchasing Director at Ultima Foods, said “With CHEP, we get pallets that are always in good condition and that cause no production downtime. CHEP pallets make it safer for our employees, especially in our National Distribution Centre where pallets are stored up to five high in racks. Also, with the emphasis that we put on food safety, it is an advantage to know that each pallet was inspected individually and that there will be no undesired material or substance on the pallets that we will receive.”

St-Onge added that replenishment is easy with CHEP pallets; Ultima Foods places the order in advance, a carrier picks-up the pallets and they arrive at the plant on time. “There is no need to store large quantities of pallets and no need anymore to inspect pallets and segregate the ones that need to be repaired or thrown away from the pallets that meet the specifications. Management of the pallets is easy and any challenges we had with customers and carriers have been eliminated,” he said.

Jason Adlam, Vice President, Sales and Customer Service, CHEP Canada, said “We are happy to welcome Ultima Foods as a CHEP partner in providing productivity, safety and administrative benefits to the entire grocery supply chain. CHEP is committed to developing solutions that will help companies like Ultima Foods experience even more dramatic gains in the future.”

About Ultima Foods Inc.

Ultima Foods was created in 1993 with the merger of the yogurt production and marketing activities of Canadian dairy cooperatives Agropur and Agrifoods. This Quebec company is today recognized as one of two Canadian market leaders in the production and marketing of yogurt and dairy products, with its Yoplait product line. The company employs 606 people at its head office in Longueuil, its plant in Granby and sales offices in Calgary, Mississauga and Halifax.


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