Twenty-One Innovative New Shelf Bins from LEWISBins+

All-plastic shelf bins feature raised hopper front to hold more material than competitive bins; multi-purpose kanban divider for better visual inventory; full length divider provides added versatility

LEWISBins+™ has launched a series of 4 and 6-inch tall polypropylene shelf bins designed for 12, 18 and 24-inch shelving units to create an integrated storage and organizational solution for many types of retail, assembly and storage applications.

These injection-molded bins are available in blue, red, and yellow and are designed to replace limited-use corrugated boxes for long term cost savings. The bins offer the following sizes and advantages:

  • Industry-standard sizes:

-Thirteen 4-inch bins from 115/8 x 2¾-inch to 235/8 x 111/8-inch
-Eight 6-inch bins from 115/8 x 41/8-inch to 177/8 x 111/8-inch

  • Enhanced picking and inventory control: Orange kanban divider holds excess inventory. When primary stock is depleted, the divider is repositioned to allow stored material to flow forward. The divider is then moved forward to the front of the bin as a visual cue to re-order.
  • Expanded internal cubic capacity: Raised hopper front allows up to 30 percent more material to be stored per bin than competitive shelf bins.
  • Bin versatility: Full-length divider locks into a single bin to create a second compartment to store  materials and eliminate the need for a separate shelf bin.
  • Robust design: Rolled rim design and molded-in rib structure ensures bin integrity, limits damage in transit and prevents vacuum lock when nested.

These shelf bins are fully nestable for space savings when empty. All LEWISBins+ shelf bins are fully recyclable at the end of their service life.

LEWISBins+ manufactures a comprehensive line of durable plastic container systems for storage, work-in-process, assembly, organizational and merchandising applications. Its product line includes part bins, shelf bins, divider boxes and heavy duty storage totes, which integrate with a wide array of metal storage systems and wire products. These products help world-class companies reduce costs through improved assembly operations, reduced linear workspace and reduced product damage. For more information about LEWISBins+, call 877-97-LEWIS or visit

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