Trienda Holdings, L.L.C. Ownership Acquires The PendaForm Company in a Reverse Subsidiary Merger Transaction Under the Parent Company, Kruger Brown Holdings, LLC

Kruger Brown Holdings, LLC is an Oklahoma-based Limited Liability Corporation

triendaEffective December 22, 2016, Trienda Holdings, L.L.C. (“TriEnda”) acquired The PendaForm Company (“PendaForm”) and will operate under Kruger Brown Holdings, LLC (the “Parent Company”, collectively with TriEnda and PendaForm, the “Company”). Kruger Brown Holdings, LLC is majority owned through affiliates by TriEnda CEO, John Brown, TriEnda President, David Kruger and Non-Executive Chairman, Warren Kruger. John Brown will become the new Chief Executive Officer of PendaForm and David Kruger will become the new President of PendaForm.

TriEnda and PendaForm create a unique partnership with world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities. The Company is the largest heavy-gauge thermoformer in North America; it will boast 47 heavy-gauge thermoforming machines and 13 extrusion lines with a 14th extrusion line planned for 2017. The Company sees a bright future for their current customer base with the ability to deliver new solutions and different product lines in the future. There are endless possibilities given PendaForm’s customer base and capabilities coupled with TriEnda’s material expertise. David Kruger sees many of the same characteristics at PendaForm that he saw when they acquired TriEnda.

pendaform“The sales force, operations team, and engineers are fantastic; it is a first-class organization. We will focus on providing resources for the employees while concentrating our energy as a management team on big picture items. This is an opportunity we have been working on for months that will pay off for employees, customers and shareholders. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

The Company has immediate job openings at its Portage, WI facilities. If interested, please request more information from Human Resources (608) 742-5303 ext. 2336.

Source: Trienda Holdings, LLC