Trans-Tasman Movements Made Easier by LOSCAM

LOSCAM, an industry leader in pallet and container pooling solutions, recently launched its Trans-Tasman pallet rental service between New Zealand and Australia.

The service allows Loscam customers in New Zealand and Australia to transfer and dehire pallets after an export shipment, enabling significant savings and benefits. Where in the past the use of one way pallets or pallets specially imported from Australia was costly and environmentally unsustainable, the new Trans-Tasman service saves money on loading and unloading times, reduces product damage and ensures the Australian standard pallets are reused in Loscam’s pool, saving waste.

Colin Truman, Customer Services Manager at leading New Zealand jam manufacturer, Barkers Of Geraldine, says “Having Loscam manufacture Australian standard pallets in Auckland gives us a guaranteed supply of pallets as and when we need them to be able to send product to Australia. It’s more efficient and because the pallets are brand new we have no worries about our product being damaged.”

“Previously we had to import pallets from Australia, or try and source pallets in New Zealand, to send our products to our Australian customers, including Coles and Woolworths. This was problematic. In some cases we sent products to Australia on pallets that then had to be thrown away by the customer, which is unacceptable,” says Colin.

Loscam Business Development Manager in New Zealand, Grant Lansdown says “We are really excited about the launch and popularity of the new service. Loscam aims to be recognised as the innovator of pallet and equipment rental services in New Zealand, and we feel by listening to our customers and responding quickly to their needs, we will see our business become quite formidable here in New Zealand”.


  1. don rodee says

    I want to use this service with RPCs between Tauranga and Brisbane and Sydney with the 622 or 616 trays,
    full container equilevant of 3500 trays into 1000 crates

  2. don rodee says

    is my message clear avocados from NZ to BNE and Sydney

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