For Both Forklift Rodeos and Reusable Packaging, the Importance of Training a Constant

Saturday May 1 saw the running of the 13th Annual BC Championship Forklift Rally. With over 100 competitors registered, it has gradually become of the largest events of its kind in North America. The event showcases the importance of operator training. Many B.C. companies find the Championships a great way to promote safe equipment operations at their locations, and to celebrate the success of their best operators.


Commented Rob Vetter of IVES Training Group at the closing ceremonies, “As trainers, we often hear people say that you can have speed or you can have safety but that you can’t have both. The speed with which we have put through all of the competitors at today’s event proves that speed and safety really do go hand in hand. Well trained professional equipment operators are more productive day in and day out.”

Training is not only important to productivity, but also important in preventing reusable pallet and container damage and loss. Incorrect pallet entry by lift trucks and pallet jacks may cause damage, as can other operator errors. Inadequate training with respect to the control and retention of reusable assets by front line operators can also lead to loss – for example using the wrong containers for the wrong customer, or failure to retrieve or track reusables at customer locations. It is hard to have a truly successful reusable packaging program if employees don’t understand the importance of accurate execution. Lack of understanding or a casual attitude can be reusable program killers.

The BC forklift showcase is run at the beginning of May to promote NAOSH (North American Occupational Safety & Health) Week, organized on behalf of the Canadian Material Handling & Distribution Society by John Gilder (Back to Business), Dan Beer (Johnston Equipment/Raymond) and Rob Vetter (Ives Training).

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