Traceability Compliance and Intelligent Reusables

One of the anticipated drivers of intelligent reusable packaging usage that we continue to follow is that of of traceability compliance initiatives resulting from the Food Safety Modernization Act as well as California’s ePedigree legislation. To be clear, none of these measures require reusables, but intelligent reusables just make too much sense to not be part of the conversation.

The first linked report following is from consultant Dirk Rodgers, who recently finds himself repeatedly being asked if California’s ePedigree law effective dates will slip again. Because of the history of postponements, some participants have adopted a wait-and-see posture rather than being proactive about compliance. Unfortunately for procrastinators, Rodgers feels that the 2015 and 2016 dates will hold.

Meanwhile over at DC Velocity, Peter Bradley provides an overview of the ‘farm to fork’ tracing compliance landscape with respect to the Food Safety Moderization Act as well as the Produce Traceability Initiative. Compliance can come with benefits. In working with one citrus grower, Intermec helped it improve its inventory accuracy from the low 90s to 98 – 99 percent. My favorite quote is from Kevin Payne of Intelleflex, who we recently interviewed. “What we are trying to explain to growers, shippers, and packers is that if you combine traceability and temperature monitoring, you’re going to reduce the amount of food wasted and you will generate more revenues,” he says. “Ultimately, paying for the solution improves the top line, and you get traceability for free.”

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