Toyota Material Handling Europe Unveils New Material Handling Products

Continued growth in online shopping, demands for improved use of space, new environmentally sustainable energy sources, and an on-going need for cost reduction, are all industry trends that Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) addressed at CeMAT 2011. New trucks for order picking and high-density storage applications were shown to the public for the first time, along with TMHE’s BT’s automated order picking solution. Within its overall exhibition theme – ‘Responsible Together’ – the company also demonstrated its hybrid-powered forklift truck as part of a presentation on how the Toyota Group is taking the lead in sustainable technology.

“The challenge facing our industry is to strike the right balance between protecting the environment, supporting economic growth, and maintaining safe and healthy workplaces,” says Andrew Elliot, Executive Vice President of Marketing/Strategic Planning at Toyota Material Handling Europe. “The theme ‘Responsible Together’ expresses our commitment to working with customers and other stakeholders to deliver sustainable answers to the material handling challenges of today – and tomorrow.”

Industry trends – and Toyota Material Handling Europe’s answers

At CeMAT, an active presentation of TMHE’s automated truck order picking system was exhibited, signifying dramatic improvements in productivity and efficiency, as well as delivering major cost savings for customers. The future of automation in warehousing operations was also presented, along with a live demonstration of the hybrid Toyota forklift model.

The boom in online shopping is driving increased emphasis on order picking. Here TMHE also has fresh answers with its new BT Optio family of high-level and low-level order pickers. The latest products for high-density storage were also shown, including the new generation BT Radioshuttle – the aisle-free storage system – as well as the new BT Vector very narrow aisle forklifts.

Empowering your Business

Different aspects of economic sustainability were presented within the theme ‘Empowering your Business’, with Toyota I_Site a key element. Using an interactive display TMHE showed customers that by working with Toyota, they can analyse their operations and make measureable improvements in productivity, fleet utilisation and cost reduction.

The theme ‘Empowering your Business’ also includes the economic benefits of Toyota Material Handling Europe’s service, used forklift trucks and rental operations.

Safety Dojo

Safety is another key pillar of Toyota’s ‘Responsible Together’ thinking. At CeMAT an interactive ‘safety dojo’ – inspired by the dedicated safety training areas at Toyota factories – demonstrated the company’s safety and ergonomic innovations and socially responsible thinking. A forklift truck simulator demonstrated safe forklift operation, and a preview of a new mobile app illustrated the benefits of Toyota SAS (System of Active Stability).

The safety dojo concept also explains Toyota Material Handling Europe’s participation in the Safe Maintenance Campaign sponsored by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), as well as the safety benefits of Toyota I_Site.

Responsible Innovation

The third key theme was ‘Responsible Innovation’, which presented Toyota’s approach to the world’s evolving energy systems – with a global perspective.

Recognised for its leadership and innovation in new energy technologies, the Toyota Group is taking a ‘portfolio approach’, so that it can adapt and respond to the different systems taking the lead in different global regions. These include lithium ion batteries, hydrogen fuel cells and hybrids as well as further development of existing energy sources.

Hybrid technology is synonymous with Toyota, with more than two million hybrid vehicles sold worldwide. Toyota Material Handling recently gave a live demonstration of the Toyota hybrid forklift model which is already being sold commercially in Japan.

It was designed so that the visitors to the Toyota Material Handling exhibit could experience the ways TMHE is working with customers to drive down costs and get the most value from their material handling and logistics operations. They were also able to explore the meaning of “Responsible Together”.

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