TODAY IT and French HortiTrace Launch New RTP Service

French company HortiTrace introduced an innovative service for the management of returnable transit packaging – RTP – at the 2011 French trade fair ‘Salon du Vegetal’ this February. The goal of this service is to improve circulation speed and equipment availability. The software solution behind the HortiTrace service is Avalanche, the leading RTP control solution from Dutch based TODAY IT.

HortiTrace was established at the end of 2010 and focuses on providing customers with a complete packaging management solution within the floriculture industry. These customers, such as growers, deliver their returnable transit packaging to various retail companies in France. HortiTrace subsequently organizes that the packaging is picked up at these retail companies and brought back to the growers. In order to manage this, Hortitrace works together with a network of transporters from different regions in France. The top 4 of them are shareholders of HortiTrace together with the IT company La Graine Informatique.

To reach the goal of the HortiTrace RTP service, to improve the circulation speed and availability of returnable transit packaging, HortiTrace has chosen to integrate TODAY IT’s Avalanche software into the service. Avalanche is a widely used, well proven solution within the horticulture industry, used to register, control and manage returnable transit packaging by leading equipment rental companies and logistic providers across Europe. With Avalanche, all packaging can be registered in one system with clear reports concerning transactions, balances, finance and management, that can be opened with just one mouse click. Avalanche can be fully integrated with handheld terminals to read RFID tag data, as required for Container Centralen (CC).

Using Avalanche leads to fewer disputes, reduced losses, more control and a more efficient use of returnable transit packaging. By collaborating with TODAY IT, the HortiTrace RTP service will be an unprecedented solution for growers, retailers and transporters who want to maintain control over their valuable returnable transit packaging.

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