TIMCON Urges Government to Support British Forestry

The Timber Packaging & Pallet Confederation (TIMCON) has called on the Government to act on inadequate levels of UK forest replanting. It follows the publication of a Forestry Commission report stating that just half of the coniferous woodland harvested in 2006 had been restocked with productive conifer species.

“The home-grown timber industry has been a great success story of recent years, providing the majority of raw materials for industries such as pallets and packaging,” stated TIMCON president John Dye.

“This is good news for the British economy and jobs and for the long-term sustainability of British forest-based industries. The UK forestry and sawmill industry has invested heavily in providing first class timber and service; while production and use of wood has a significant role to play in the UK building a lower carbon economy.
“The share for home-grown wood has been increasing. We don’t want this positive trend reversed in favour of imports from the alternative sources we have to source our raw materials because of inadequate planting for the future, and which will ensure continuity of supply.

“TIMCON is liaising with the Timber Trades Federation and Confor to lobby the Government to support British forestry, its related business and the environment by ensuring that a program of full replacement is in place for harvested trees.

“Wood is repairable, reusable and recyclable. It continues to be the most environmentally friendly and economic option as such remains the first choice material for the vast majority of pallets and transit packaging.”