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“Timber pallets and packaging facilitate safe, economical and environmentally sound transport of huge volumes of products every day. Government thinking should always reflect this fact, whether we’re dealing with the policies on the sale of British forests, encouraging UK employment or subsidising wood burning as a source of energy.”

TIMCON had appealed to politicians to ensure that, should the bill be passed, adequate safeguards for this continuity of supply were put in place. In a letter to the Sunday Telegraph on February 6th, 2011, President John Dye wrote: “…, if renewable energy providers buy these forests, we could find ourselves in a situation where harvested logs are burnt immediately instead of making their way into the manufacturing chain, releasing CO2 back into the atmosphere prematurely. As these renewable energy providers are heavily subsidised, this would be a wholly unjustified outcome on both economic and environmental grounds.

“Timber pallets are vital to British business and the smooth movement of product around the world. If the availability of timber is restricted, it could also encourage the use of plastic alternatives – which is patently not an environmentally friendly option.”
Hex added: “We note that the Government the option to sell off 15% of British forests in each 4-year spending period remains. Should this happen, TIMCON, and we hope the many other parties interested in protecting usage and access in these areas, will continue to lobby for sensible safeguards to be put in place.”


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