Tier-Rack Corp. Solves Major Headache for Carpet Suppliers

Carpet pad occupies a lot of space when floor stacked on pallets. A new application developed by trial and error and feedback from Tier-Rack customers has made improvements in material handling for carpet suppliers.

The Tier-Rack pad rack allows the pad rolls to be stacked in a dense bundle. The uprights on the modular rack hold pad rolls in place without using shrink wrap. This stack rack saves cost and space by providing storage for about three times as many rolls per pallet position then previous standards. Stack the pad storage racks 3 to 4 bins high giving the appearance of standard pallet shelving. This opens up a large amount of valuable floor space for other uses.

The portable racks also provide security for each pad roll as the roll storage rack is being moved about your location. It is often faster and easier for a fork lift truck to pick up a loaded foam rack than a pallet of loose pad rolls. Customers have reported that they can reduce the time needed to unload a 53’ trailer by 75% using the standard pad rack.

Portable racks are very versatile and can be adapted to solve many storage problems. Stacking racks are available that will store carpeting, boxed goods, bulk bags, items that are easily crushed, heavy goods and most products that are hard to double stack.

For more information about carpet racks, visit www.tier-rack.com.


  1. The Tier-Rack Corporation has been a leader in rack solutions and flexible warehouse racking systems for fifty years

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