Three Wood Pallet Shipments Rejected at El Paso

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in Texas have turned away three separate wood pallet shipments arriving into the U.S. from Mexico, according to CBP officials in El Paso. KTSM reported that agents discovered live wood boring inspects on all three loads.

“These tiny pests could be harmful to our agriculture and natural resources,” KTSM quoated Ana Hinojosa, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Director of Field Operations in El Paso.

The problem loads were all found at the Ysleta commercial cargo lot. Overall, the ISPM-15 program has been enormously successful. There was an issue lately related to problems for pallets into China, although this was a matter of correctly interpreting ISPM-15 policy rather than a failure of the program. Chinese officials incorrectly refused to accept stamped wood pallets that had come from a country other than the one where the pallet had been stamped.

In this new case, it is not clear from the story whether the pallets were unmarked, thus alerting agents to inspect, or perhaps whether the pallets were ISPM-15 marked yet not treated. CBP requires immediate exportation of any unmarked WPM as well as any marked WPM that is found to be infested with a live wood-boring pest, with all associated costs being the responsibility of the importer or party of interest.

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