Thibaut Esnée, new Country Director of IPP France

The expert in the rental of pallets and boxes for the IPP supply chain (formerly Logipal), a subsidiary of the Faber Halbertsma Group, has announced the appointment of Thibaut Esnée to the position of Country Director. Its mission: to continue the growth of IPP in France, and to position the brand as an essential partner with manufacturers and retailers.

A graduate of a logistics master specializing in agrifood, Thibaut Esnée has over 20 years of experience in the world of supply chain. He began his career in 1999 with the Carrefour brand, where he held the positions of Chargé de mission and Warehouse manager, before occupying management positions within large national and international groups. In 2004, he joined the service provider ID Logistics as Site Director and Director of Operations, then, from 2008 and 2013, BSL as Director of Logistics Activities. Finally, he remained for six years at the head of the contractual logistics department of Dachser (France and the Maghreb) before joining the IPP on January 6.

“I am very happy to join a committed, dynamic and very professional team, resolutely focused on customer satisfaction,” stated Esnée. “The management of handling supports represents a major challenge with our industrial customers, large retailers and logisticians. Increasingly mechanized, industrial and logistics sites require impeccable quality pallets. IPP offers end-to-end supply chain management within its European pallet-pooling network. Our business is also part of a circular economy and sustainable development approach. In addition to these economic and environmental factors, the innovative solutions we offer allow optimization of transport costs, whether for delivery or collection of equipment.”  

A subsidiary of the Faber Halbertsma group, one of the largest producers and renters of pallets in Europe, IPP is a company specializing in the rental and management of pallets and cases serving industrialists and distributors of consumer products. Thanks to a network of 61 service centers and tens of thousands of collection points in Western Europe, IPP collects, sorts, repairs and manages more than 40 million pallets per year on behalf of the biggest French and international brands.

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