The Woodbridge Group has awarded their 2015 Supplier Quality Award to Amatech, Inc.

Amatech reusable packaging

The Supplier Quality Award honors those who have gone above and beyond the general supplier standards requirements for automotive production and relevant service part organizations by recognizing suppliers for excellence in service, delivery, and quality. The award was bestowed to Amatech, Inc. in Erie this past spring.

The Woodbridge Group works with the automotive, commercial, military, and recreational vehicle industries, offering innovative urethane and particle foam technologies. With over 60 facilities in 17 countries around the world, logistics plays a big part in The Woodbridge Group’s business.

“Amatech is very pleased to get this recognition for our work,” said Jason Amatangelo, Director of Business Development at Amatech, Inc. “Woodbridge is one of our favorite clients to work with, and we hope to serve them for another decade.”

The Woodbridge Group is a leader in automotive foam that ships materials to suppliers who distribute to leading automotive brands such as GMC, Honda, and Ford.

For over a decade, Amatech, Inc. has been working with The Woodbridge Group to provide the highest standard of quality in the automotive foam industry.

For more information, please contact Jason Amatangelo at or 814-452-0010.