The Swedish Food Industry Gets A Common Digital Pooling Platform

In 2017, Svenska Retursystem will be releasing SMART Pooling – a new digital platform – which offers the Swedish food industry improved control and simplified administration over all types of returnable transport items (RTI’s) such as return pallets, roll cages, wooden pallets, dairy boxes and pallet collars. SMART Pooling offers huge savings in both time and cost throughout the complete supply chain. The system – based on the Bexter RTI Management suite – has been developed together with Svenska Retursystem’s customers and Bergendahls is the first retailer to test and implement the platform.

Today, Bergendahls administrates the 6000-8000 daily movements of different container types throughout the supply chain in several IT systems. Like everyone else in the industry, they wanted complete control over their RTI’s. Up until now, this has been very complicated and time-consuming. “We had started a pilot study into a support system but

“We had started a pilot study into a support system but realized that it was unbelievably expensive to put forward our own solution, says Bergdahls’ logistics development manager, Stefan Karlsson. “For us as both owners and customers of Svenska Retursystem, it was clear that we should participate in the joint development of a single platform for the industry”

With SMART Pooling, all RTI information is gathered centrally. All producers, wholesalers, stores and restaurants can use Svenska Retursystem’s tool. This offers a great opportunity to save both time and money.

“The development of our SMART Pooling system is part of our commitment to ‘greenify’ and simplify the flow of goods in the industry, as well as to meet the demands of the future”, explains Svenska Retursystem’s CEO, Anna Elgh. “The platform is the basis for creating smart RTI’s with built-in intelligence using sensors. This will, for example, improve real-time measurement and control of the cold chain, thus reducing food waste.”