rePack: The Reusable Home Delivery Packaging System from Finland Rings Up Awards


What a great idea. A reusable pack for ecommerce home delivery!

What a great idea! A reusable pack for ecommerce home delivery.

Congratulations are in order to Jonne Hellgren and the team from rePack, the innovative reusable packaging pool for home delivery system from Finland. rePack recently bagged a couple of new awards.

With rePack, you can order goods for home delivery online – garments and now pharmaceutical, and then pop the empty package back in the mailbox for return to rePack. Actually, there is a little more to it than that. It involves a nominal deposit and return system, which doesn’t seem to be a barrier in Finland as it might be in some other countries.

I digress, however. As for the awards, EU’s main climate innovation program Climate KIC declared RePack as the winners of Nordic Venture competition The prize is a spot in the Finals and 20 000 €. RePack was recognized for its “highly innovative business model for marketing their reusable packaging system”.

rePack is now looking forward to competing in theVenture Cup Final in Birmingham, England on October 28-30.

RePack also grabbed a White Bull Young Award in Pathways 2015 festival in Barcelona. White Bull winners were evaluated on their excellence in leadership and performance, market opportunity, growth, and growth potential by a group of potential investors, media and brands.

At first blush, this seems to be an obvious opportunity for online ordering and home delivery system reuse in other countries, if the post office will participate, and the numbers otherwise make sense.