The Problem with Pallets

In the linked article, environmentalist Dick McCarrick looks at some of the pros and cons of wood pallets and the issue of pallet disposal. In the final analysis, he suggests that:

Pallets may not be the most scintillating of dinnertime conversation topics, but given their ubiquity — along with their associated environmental issues cited in this article — they probably merit more public attention and discussion than they currently receive.  At a minimum, they can serve as an example of how environmental awareness doesn’t consist solely of considering and debating global, high-profile subjects; one also needs to take into account smaller, more local issues that may not receive a great deal of media notice.

Not surprisingly, I agree wholeheartedly that pallets deserve more thoughtful discussion. But I’m still thinking about Dick’s second thought and if he is suggesting that unwanted pallet accumulations are a local problem, rather than systemic. I would suggest them to be both.

Read more at Environmental Leader.

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