The OptiLedge Offers Efficiencies for International Shipments

When it comes to international shipment, not all unit load bases are export pallets. One alternative is the OptiLedge.

Created by IKEA, the OptiLedge was designed by the global retailer to replace the traditional wooden pallet when shipping goods between continents. The OptiLedge offers many advantages. It can adapt to the size of the load, and has a lower footprint than pallets. As a result, it often provides a better fill rate in shipping containers than standard sized pallets. And it goes without saying that unitized loads offer substantial labor savings for unloading containers, while freeing up dock doors in the order of 10 to 12 hours sooner. In addition, for pre-assembly and after sales, the OptiLedge provides much greater storage and transportation efficiency of its empty components than empty pallets. Last but not least, it eliminates any concerns about ISPM-15 compliance.

As a result of its success, IKEA decided to market the OptiLedge outside the IKEA world and make it available to other retailers and companies. According to its website, OptiLogistics Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Inter-IKEA Systems Holding B.V. and is responsible for marketing the OptiLedge worldwide through licensees.

The OptiLedge, along with the paper pallet, were chosen by IKEA to replace wood pallets in its supply chain. The OptiLedge is totally recyclable, made from 100% virgin high impact copolymer polypropylene (PP). If required, the OptiLedge can be produced with antistatic properties.

The OptiLedge System is a unit load alternative to the use of a pallet. The system consists of the OptiLedge (usually used in pairs), aligned and strapped to the bottom carton to form a base layer upon which to stack more product. Corner boards are utilized when strapping to minimize the potential for package compression.

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