The Drop & Drive APP makes Europallets drop-off in Germany more efficient

Drop & Drive App from pooling specialist PAKi simplifies the drop-off of exchanged pallets, thanks to digitalized processes that eradicate paperwork.

PAKi, a specialist for the Europe-wide pooling of standardized, exchangeable load carriers, has been testing its Drop & Drive App, a new completely digital platform for efficient and flexible “pooling” of exchangeable Europallets.

The Drop & Drive APP, available as a Web App and functioning on smartphones, tablets and computers, enables customers, including freight forwarders and logistics service providers, to easily perform physical releases of exchangeable Europallets into the PAKi network without the use of any paper documentation.

It simplifies several steps in the return process including the easy identification of unloading stations (the PAKi Spots) throughout Europe either by location or along routes and then electronically assigning the pallet returns to the selected PAKi Spot. The App allows for the pooling request and status to be viewed in real-time and, when the transaction is completed, automatically updates the pallet accounts.

Freight Forwarders can then unload the pallets at the agreed time at the chosen PAKi Spot. The App’s user-friendly route planner also shows the drivers the way to the Spot. Once the Europallets have been inspected, on-site validation is then carried out completely electronically. Various options can be selected in advance: Validation without TAN (Transaction Notification) is carried out by digital signature on the smartphone or tablet. If validation by TAN is selected it is transmitted by e-mail or SMS, or both. The control certificate is then created directly in the system and can be viewed immediately in the App as a printable PDF. The pallets are credited to the pallet exchange account in real-time.

“The App offers our customers the greatest possible flexibility, since the entire pooling process can be handled in real-time electronically throughout Europe,” said Christian Agasse, CEO of PAKi. “In a market that is forever increasing in volume, our digital solution for pallet return reduces administration overhead and offers secure, fast and seamless document management for all the parties involved”.

PAKi, which has completed the current test phase, now plans to roll out the App in Germany at the beginning of 2020.

Further information about PAKi, part of the Faber Halbertsma Group, is available at