The Corrugated Pallets Company’s (TCPC) Unique Pallet Runner Design Awarded Patent by US Patent and Trade Office





The Corrugated Pallets Company (TCPC), a leader in manufacturing corrugated pallets for companies throughout North America, announced  that after a rigorous examination and assessment process it has been awarded a patent from the United States Patent and Trade Office.

The patent (8,601,955 B2) affirms and protects the unique design of TCPC’s runner with a two way/four way stringer, which integrates with the company’s pallet manufacturing equipment to create corrugated pallets that are durable enough to replace heat treated wood pallets, yet cost significantly less and are 65-75% lighter.

In addition, unlike heat treated wood pallets, TCPC’s corrugated pallets are safe to handle with no nails, splinters and mould, which helps ensure worker health and safety. They are also 100 percent recyclable, which is a key consideration for TCPC’s customers who want to reduce their ecological footprint and visibly demonstrate their leadership commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

The Corrugated Pallets Company maintains manufacturing facilities in Toronto, Ontario and assembly arrangements in TN and southern CA (effective Summer 2015).

“With our in-house manufacturing capacity and more than a decade of experience, our customers trust as their go-to source for corrugated pallets,” commented TCPC co-founder Mike MacDonald. “This patent award lets our current and future customers know that we’re willing to make substantial investments that ultimately help them get the corrugated pallets they need, while they lower costs, increase efficiency, protect worker safety, and reduce their environmental footprint.”

TCPC is also anticipating another patent award from the United States Patent and Trade Office for its Eco Pallet Tops, which are durable corrugated-based pallet tops (a.k.a. “caps”) placed on top of a customer’s product before strapping or stretch wrap. Eco Pallet Tops protect products from strapping when edge board is impractical, provide a flatter and more protected surface for stacking loads, and offer improved overall stability of a palletized load of product.

Added MacDonald: “We sold a record number of Eco Pallet Tops last year, and expect to see even greater demand in 2015 as more customers take advantage of the bottom-line benefits.”

Additional information on TCPC’s current and anticipated patents, along with samples, size, cost and other details, can be found on the company’s website at

Source: The Corrugated Pallets Company