The Corrugated Pallets Company Establishes Manufacturing and Sales Presence Across the Caribbean and Latin America

corrigatedThe Corrugated Pallets Company (TCPC), a low-cost leader in manufacturing durable and lightweight corrugated pallets, has expanded its manufacturing and sales footprint into Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dominican Republic-based INTEGRAL, SRL is now manufacturing TCPC’s corrugated pallets under a licensing agreement that covers patents owned by TCPC. The pallets manufactured by INTEGRAL, SRL are strong and durable enough to replace heat treated wood pallets, but cost less, while being up to 75 percent lighter.

TCPC and INTEGRAL, SRL are collaborating to sell corrugated pallet equipment in both the Latin America and Caribbean marketplaces and recently attended the ACCCSA ~ Conference & Trade Show, where representatives from 12 countries viewed TCPC’s patented pallet design and automated equipment.

“We’re proud to partner with INTEGRAL, SRL and support them as they introduce our low cost, durable and lightweight corrugated pallet offering to businesses across Latin America and the Caribbean,” commented TCPC’s Mike MacDonald.

“After reaching out to TCPC online, we visited their facility in late 2014 and were very impressed with their product offerings and manufacturing process,” commented INTEGRAL, SRL’s Máximo Galván . “We also had the opportunity to meet with several of TCPC’s suppliers and customers, which further helped us understand why the company was growing so strongly. The product, process and people are all excellent, and we are looking forward to a long, mutually rewarding partnership with the TCPC team.”

With manufacturing facilities in Toronto, Ontario and assembly arrangements in TN and southern CA (effective Summer 2015) The Corrugated Pallets Company (TCPC) has been the “go to” solution for customers who want a durable, lightweight alternative to new heat-treated wood pallets so they can lower costs, increase efficiency, protect worker safety, and reduce their environmental footprint.

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