The Changing Fabric of Dunnage Solutions

Full Line of Fabric Dunnage from ORBIS Delivers Flexible, Customizable Part Protection

Fabric dunnage was never far from the conversation this week at the Reusable Packaging Forum, as supply chain stakeholders wrestled such issues as global trade and the need for increased part density, product protection, and solution flexibility.

Fabric Dunnage Group Shot

Fabric, ORBIS notes, has enjoyed increasing uptake as a dunnage choice among assembly manufacturers over the last few years. With the adaptability to protect parts of various sizes, including those with complex geometry and Class-A surfaces, it delivers a great opportunity for companies shipping a large and frequently changing range of parts.  In response to this trend, ORBIS now offers a complete range of fabric dunnage. The move follows the rebranding of its complete protective dunnage family of products as ORBIShield™.

Industrially sewn, the fabric dunnuge is offered in a variety of materials, and with features to address the protection requirements, from reinforced bottoms to double seams. The flexibility extends to it utilization in the spectrum of container types, ranging from metal racks, side-loading Maximus containers, bulk containers to hand-held totes.

ORBIS has full fabric dunnage manufacturing capability at both its Mentor, Ohio plant, as well as at its newest plant in Silao, Gto., Mexico. In addition to housing state-of-the art machinery for the creation of a broad range of fabric dunnage, both facilities offer a staff of designers, prototyping equipment and product testing areas. From its strategic location in central Mexico, the Silao facility serves Tier 1 automotive suppliers and OEMs throughout Latin America.

“As North America’s leader in plastic reusable packaging for the automotive industry, it is crucial we provide our customers with innovative solutions that meet the demands of a wide array of shipping scenarios,”says Adam Glorioso, product manager for dunnage, ORBIS Corporation. “With the launch of our comprehensive fabric dunnage line, ORBIS will continue to serve our industrial partners with best-in-class solutions to fit even the most difficult packaging requirements.” ORBIS is the leading provider of entire reusable packaging systems for industry, including protective dunnage, bulk containers, pallets and containers.

In addition to its new fabric dunnage capabilities,  the ORBIShield™ dunnage line includes other popular solutions such as custom die-cut plastic corrugated divider sets, saw-cut foam inserts, sealed-edge divider sets, pigeon hole dunnage, custom thermoformed trays, sewn fabric bags, foam rails and molded foam inserts. ORBIShield™ fabric dunnage, the company notes, presents an innovative solution which enables customers to move product faster, safer, and more cost-effectively within their supply chains, while helping reduce overall impact on the environment.

Other noteworthy benefits:

  • Easily accommodates part nesting for improved pack density
  • Fabric can be used in combination with rigid materials to create unique packaging solutions
  • Versatility allows different parts to be used in same configuration
  • Fabric is removable for container cleaning at the start of a new shipment
  • Less susceptible to design revisions due to part geometry changes
  • Improved workplace safety and functionality with ergonomically-friendly materials for easy handling

ORBIShield™ Fabric Dunnage Materials

ORBIShield™ fabric dunnage is available in a variety of material types.

  • PVC Fabric
  • Curtain Fabric
  • Tyvek®
  • Brushed Fabric
  • Headliner Fabric

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