The Cartonplast Group Achieves Food Safety Certification

Reusable layer pad rental provider achieves ISO 22000 food safety certification at five locations and counting.

The Cartonplast Group, the leading European provider of reusable plastic layer pads on a rental basis, is now DIN ISO 22000 certified, according to the company. ISO 22000 is the international standard for food safety management systems.

With the achievement of certification at its five of its sites so far and counting in its current ISO 22000 roll-out, the company states that it has “raised the bar even higher with respect to quality management and hygiene.”

layer pads for bottlesOne of the pioneers of food safety within the reusable packaging sector, Cartonplast emphasizes the “effective and reliable implementation of the globally recognised food safety standard” delivered through its attention to the execution of effective standardised operating processes in conjunction with high-quality training of its employees.

At present, certification has been achieved at three German locations (Dietzenbach, Leese and Essen), as well as in Portugal (Figueira da Foz) and Spain (Parla).

“We are very proud of this certification as it is evidence of our successful development in recent years and is also major praise for our employees’ excellent performances,” states Dr. Jörg Elias, Group Director Quality Assurance and Process Engineering at the Cartonplast Group.

“This exacting certification enables us to demonstrate that all the processes in our company ensure food safety and meet the high international standards at the same time. Our key objective is to guarantee food safety in our processes for our customers and partners and to try and minimise the impact of our operating processes on the environment at the same time.”

In conjunction with the certification process, all potential risks with regard to food safety are continuously analysed, identified and evaluated. Concurrently, Cartonplast also addresses environmental concerns such as water consumption and waste management.

Cartonplast will continue the roll-out of ISO 22000 certification at the company’s sites in Poland and Russia in 2015. Its operations in Great Britain and Turkey have already been certified in accordance with the BRC Global Standard for Storage & Distribution (British Retail Consortium)

As a result of the this effort, all of the Cartonplast Group will be certified in accordance with internationally recognised food safety standards. Cartonplast has delivered a high level of food safety for its beverage, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries customers for nearly 30 years.

“Container manufacturers achieve a clear competitive advantage thanks to the ISO 22000 certification as they can therefore guarantee uninterrupted food safety in transit for their customers,” explains Michael Heikenfeld, Managing Director of the Cartonplast Group.

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Source: Cartonplast