The Benefits of Being Square

The world’s only closed deck 1200mm x 1200mm plastic pallet is available in the UK from, which holds exclusive UK distribution rights.

The new APB 1212 pool closed 6R palletBeing square can offer benefits, according to the leading independent UK plastic pallet distributor. The APB1212 pool pallet weighs in at 27.5kg, and is designed to perform well in repeated reuse applications. describes the APB1212 as an exceptionally robust pallet, ideally suited for for use in bulk storage and distribution applications. Due to its special size, it can be used to transport four 205 litre drums and store IBC bags safely in racks.

The APB 1212 pool pallet can handle heavy loads of up to 1250kg in racking, dynamic loads of 2500kg and static loads of 5000kg.

With respect to repositioning empty pallets, stacks of 15 empty pallets can be securely transported, allowing a standard trailer load to carry up to 330 pallets in one trip.

The APB1212 is manufactured from recycled polypropylene, the APB 1212 pool pallet is offered in either three or six runner format for easy 4-way entry, with a closed or open deck and comes with a 7mm rim offering built-in safety.

A number of options are available for sales of 500 units or greater, including a choice of different colours, company branding, RFID transponders, and ESD options.

Anti-slip features are also available upon request including anti-slip strips on the top deck and anti-slip grommets under the deck for fork handling.

In addition to the APB 1212 pool pallet, also stocks the APB 1140 pool pallet, which due to its size – 1140mm (L) x 1140mm (W) x 165mm (H) – is ideally suited to transporting loads in shipping containers.

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