Reusable Pallet Wrap: Pallet Wrapz Profile

Pallet Wrapz, Inc., is the company behind Pallet Wrapz, a patented (patent pending) product that helps to reduce the use and waste of stretch wrap when wrapping and cutting open pallets. It is a reusable, weather proof, vinyl coated polyester material that is fabricated with velcro straps and metal D-rings.

Pallet Wrapz are used at Testa Produce

While the company had initially projeceted a 9-month product life, it has found the reusable wraps to last well over a year. Pallet Wrapz are designed primarily for 48″ x 40″ pallets and come in three sizes, 2′ high, 4′ high and 6′ high. Pallet Wrapz can create a custom size to fit any size or shaped pallet. According to Pallet Wrapz, its product can provide a quicker application and removal than stretch wrap and at least a 45% – 50% savings.

For more information, contact Pallet Wrapz, Inc., at 800 733-0813, or visit


  1. Seychelle Mae Villanueva says

    Hi! Would like to ask a price quotation for a 100pcs, 6′ Pallet wrap.
    Thank you.

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