Tesco Renews Contract with Norbert Dentressangle

UK-based supermarket retailer Tesco has renewed its contract with Norbert Dentressangle for the management of 12 recycling service units throughout the UK and Ireland.

Established by Tesco in 1995, the recycling service units (RSU) network handles all loose equipment and packaging waste from more than 2,000 stores. Items including trays, flower buckets, roll cages and dollies are collected by Tesco’s store delivery vehicles and delivered to RSUs on the return leg. Returnable items are then processed for collection and re-used by Tesco and its suppliers.

According to the company, the operation plays an important role in Tesco’s commitment to minimizing the waste it produces. In 2008, the RSUs contributed almost 80% of the 400,000 tons of material recycled by Tesco in the UK, equivalent to 85% of the total packaging that Tesco produced. This exceeded Tesco’s target of 80%, helping towards its target to divert 95% of store waste from landfill.

Norbert Dentressangle is responsible for activities within the RSUs including equipment washing, packaging waste baling and equipment sortation.

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