New Container Seal Is Quick to Apply, Fast to Open, Residue-Free Removal

Tampering and theft along the logistics chain and at retailers cost companies 114 billion dollars worldwide last year, as the Centre for Retail Research found in its most recent Global Retail Theft Barometer. Special security seals for packaging and transportation containers offer effective protection. Now, tesa has developed the tesa® StretchSeal 64017, an innovative seal that provides secure sealing for both disposable and multi-use portable containers as well as product packages along with a label for tracking and tracing products. The key feature of the new seal is its innovative opening mechanism: To remove it, the seal is simply pulled lengthwise by the tab. The stretching action breaks the adhesive bond, leaving absolutely no residue behind. At the same time, the seal is irreversibly destroyed. Any tampering or unauthorized opening of the seal is immediately evident at first glance, making improper reuse impossible.

The tesa® StretchSeal 64017 is available in various shapes and sizes, with and without tabs, and comes with either red or blue as the background color or in a transparent version. The printing on the seals can be customized to incorporate features such as company names and logos, further boosting their effectiveness as a security precaution. In addition, individual item bar codes or serial numbers can be used, so the seals can also be integrated into track and trace processes. That creates more transparency in logistics: The entire transportation route of a shipment can be tracked in detail.

The new tesa® StretchSeal 64017 is the latest effective security seal solution in tesa’s successful SecuritySeal product range. All SecuritySeal products feature properties custom-designed for a specific field of application. Existing products include tesa® 64006/07 security packing tape and tesa® 64010/11 security labels for tamper-proof sealing of cardboard cartons, along with the tesa® 64012 security seal and tesa® 64008/09 pallet securing tape to protect rolling containers and pallets from unauthorized access.

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  1. Purple Frog says:

    Looks like a useful product. Do they only come in one size and shape or is there a choice? Impressed with the technique used to make it Tamper Evident, it seems like quite a new and unique idea.

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