Temperature Control Shipping Containers Target Tougher Air Cargo Screening Procedures

U.S. Government plans to counter sophisticated terror threats by tightening screening procedures for all air cargo could force time-sensitive cold chain shippers, like the bioscience and pharmaceutical industries, to move to higher-tech container options. One proven solution is temperature-controlled Kodiak™ Active Temperature Control Shipping Containers made by Active CC Boxes LLC, said John Howe, the company’s CEO.

“Active CC Boxes, LLC has spent thousands of hours researching, developing, creating prototypes and testing new methods to improve the quality and lengthen the time allotted in the Cold Chain shipping process,” said Howe.

The result is a line of temperature-controlled boxes that are durable and lockable with the ability to pass through security scanning and maintain temperatures between 2 – 8 degrees Celsius for up to five days. In addition to adding days to allow for security delay, the container provides a longer shipping timeframe. An optional feature enables the sender to download a report of the internal temperature throughout its voyage to ensure that it has remained in specification.

Active’s containers, which are rugged, reliable and reusable, allow organizations to be confident that their package will arrive undamaged with the chain of custody intact, no matter the external circumstances. Active’s test research shows the temperature remains within the specified range throughout the five days.

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