Swiss Dairy Emmi Expands CHEP Usage

Switzerland’s leading dairy company, Emmi is increasing their use of CHEP’s managed pallet pooling program. CHEP, the world’s dominant provider of pallet and container pooling solutions, says that Emmi anticipates improved pallet quality, consistent pricing and sustainability benefits versus white exchange pallet programs.

Emmi is Switzerland’s largest milk processor as well the leading producer of Swiss cheese.  Its key markets include retail, food service, as well as the food industry.  The company’s name is associated with the Swiss municipality of Emmen.

Founded in 1993 and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange since 2004, Emmi AG products from over 20 Swiss plants are exported to around 60 countries around the world. The company also runs production facilities in 10 other countries. Emmi puts out almost 1.5 million tons of milk and cream annually, employing around 5200 people worldwide and generating sales of 3 billion Swiss francs.

“Our strong growth in recent years has resulted in more and more transportation flows to send our yogurt, desert and cheese specialities as well yogurt and milk-based beverages e.g. Emmi Caffè Latte to countries all over the world,” says Volker Bay, Emmi’s Head of Supply Chain Management. “Our first contact with CHEP was about five years ago, exporting from Switzerland to the UK. That pilot worked out quite well.”

Bay says that Emmi has experienced savings in its supply chain and quality improvements versus exchange pallets. “We currently use about 120,000 CHEP Euro pallets for exports to Germany, Austria, Spain and the UK. We are expecting to add about 160,000 CHEP Euro pallets for the German market to replace white wood for the national distribution. And we are planning to use CHEP for exports to Belgium, the Netherlands and Greece.”

Aside from Switzerland. Emmi has also production facilities in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, the U.S. and Mexico. Through its 2012 acquisition of Spanish based Kaiku, , sites were obtained in Chile, Spain and Tunisia Emmi says that sustainability, especially environmental protection is important to the company. It gives preference to suppliers which strive for sustainability and which employ ethically and environmentally sustainable behavior and production methods.

“We are happy for the opportunity to grow with Emmi, both domestically and around the world,” comments Stefan Jakoby, CHEP Country General Manager for Switzerland and Austria. “We know that sustainability is a high priority for them. Our online calculator is very effective at demonstrating the environmental impact and cost of using white pallets vs. CHEP pooled pallets. We are proud of our reputation as a supply chain leader in sustainability through our business model of reuse, recycle and reduce waste, as well as our commitment to purchasing only wood from certified sustainable forests. CHEP is positioned to support our customers wherever the future takes them.”