Sweden and Netherlands Wood Packaging Federations Commit to NWPCA’s Pallet Design System™

The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) has announced a new Pallet Design System™ (PDS) marketing partnerships with Nederlandse Emballage- en Palletindustrievereniging (EPV) in The Netherlands and Svenska Forpackningsforeningen in Sweden. Each organization will exclusively market PDS in their respective countries, with their members receiving significant discounts on leasing the industry leading software.

“We are very excited about this phenomenal opportunity to partner with these two great organizations and further the rapid expansion of PDS across Europe,” noted NWPCA’s President/CEO Brent McClendon.

“With PDS, pallet manufacturers and recyclers in The Netherlands and Sweden will have access to the leading and most-used pallet design software in the world, McClendon continued. “They will be better equipped to provide their customers with pallets that utilize timber efficiently, while also ensuring the safe and effective transportation of their goods.”

NWPCA is already working on the next version of PDS through a recently announced expanded research partnership with Virginia Tech’s Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design (CPULD) and Department of Sustainable Biomaterials. NWPCA has committed approximately $200,000 USD to Virginia Tech projects as part of a $1 million investment in advancing the unit load capabilities of PDS in 2017 and 2018. The new developments will specifically focus on:

  • State-of-the-art research on interactions and stresses between the pallet and supported containers (corrugated boxes, pails, drums and shipping sacks) at all phases of unit load handling, storage and transport;
  • Development of advanced structural analysis models of the entire unit load system (pallet, supported containers and load stabilizers)

Nederlandse Emballage- en Palletindustrievereniging (EPV) is the representative association of producers, traders and repairers of wood packaging. The EPV members have an 80% share of the total production of wooden pallets (for limited use and reusable), crates and boxes (fruit, vegetables, wine) and industrial and export packaging in the Netherlands. For more information on EPV, visit www.epv.nl.

Svenska Forpackningsforeningen is a trade organization for manufacturers of wood and wood-based packaging in Sweden. Their members’ main products consist of boxes, crates, pallets, pallet collars and cable drums, and special packaging. For more information, visit www.svenska-forpackningsforeningen.se.

Source: NWPCA