Svenska Retursystem implements RPCs in the restaurant and catering industry

The Industry Association for Food Wholesalers (Branschföreningen Livsmedelsgrossisterna) in Sweden, including member companies such as Menigo and Martin & Servera, has concluded an agreement with Svenska Retursystem to implement the food industry’s reusable packaging system for restaurant and catering. The goal is to increase sustainability by reducing resource use in the industry.

Svenska Retursystem RPCs

Starting in April 2019, parts of the fruit and vegetable range will begin to be distributed in RPCs. Then the return system will be scaled up gradually and within new segments.

“We are really pleased that the restaurant industry now chooses to take the step towards more efficient and environmentally adapted food flows,” says Anna Elgh, CEO of Svenska Retursystem.  Launched in 2001, Svenska Retursystem delivers excellence in reusable packaging to the Swedish grocery industry.  In 2017, it opened its newest wash plant, which has a capacity of 70 million plastic crates and pallets anually.

The basic idea behind the return system is that parts of the distribution of food must be made in common return boxes that can be used over and over again. The return system creates efficiency and reduces carbon dioxide emissions, improves the working environment and saves time. The use of RPCs also ensures that the food products come out whole and fresh.

“Sustainability is high on our agenda, therefore it is gratifying that we in the industry agreed to move from one-time use to multiple use. It is an important step in driving our industry in the right direction regarding sustainable development, ”says Jonas Köhler, CEO of Menigo.

“We have long worked effectively with our resources. It can be anything from reducing food waste to reducing the environmental impact of our transports. The fact that we are now starting to use return boxes is another step in the journey for increased sustainability in the industry,” states Stefan Bergström Hedmark, CEO Martin & Servera Logistics.

Advantages of RPCs:

  • Circular system   RPCs are made of durable, recyclable plastic. A return box has a service life of 15 years. It is used on average over 100 times. Boxes that break down are repaired. When the box is finally discarded, the plastic is ground down and used in the manufacture of new boxes.
  • Better for the work environment   RPCs are easy to lift, carry and pick out. The users do not have to stand pulling tape, folding cartons together and using a knife to open cartons. The time for waste sorting decreases and in the restaurant kitchen you do not have to change to your own plastic box for storage in the fridge.
  • Reduced food waste  The stable design in the return boxes protects the contents and reduces crushing. As the drawers let through air, the moisture decreases and the food stays fresh and has a longer shelf life.

For more information, contact Svenska Retursystem.