Svenska Retursystem donates corona money to the Swedish Tourist Association

Svenska Retursystem’s operations were not adversely affected during the Corona pandemic. Therefore, the company has decided to donate a large part of the support the company received in the form of remuneration and tax relief during the pandemic to the Swedish Tourist Association, STF.

Svenska Retursystem (SRS), the operator of Sweden’s collaborative grocery industry RPC and pallet system, is one of the companies that has been fortunate not to be adversely affected during the Corona pandemic. Despite this, the company, like all other employers, has received financial support in the form of remuneration and tax relief. Since the money has not been needed, SRS wanted to donate it further. Given that one component of SRS operations is crate pooling in the restaurant industry,  the company decided to find a way to support the very hard-hit visitor industry.

“When we realized that STF was hit hard, they felt like an obvious choice to donate our money to their fantastic work for Swedish sustainable tourism,” said Anna Elgh, CEO of Svenska Retursystem. “Now we urge more companies that have done well during the crisis to do the same.”

SRS has chosen to give all 190 employees a gift card at STF as a summer gift. In this way, it is hoped that the employees will be able to discover Sweden and spend a sustainable holiday at home. The company has also donated a sum of money to STF.

“For 135 years, we have guided, inspired and tickled people’s curiosity and reminded decision-makers about the important conditions of nature,” said Maria Roos Jernberg, Deputy Secretary-General of the Swedish Tourist Association. “The support from the Svenska Retursystem is valuable so that we can all continue to experience the whole of Sweden.”


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