Surgere, Inc. President and CEO William Wappler to Present at Global Automotive Logistics Conference in Mexico.

Asset location technologies and analytics specialist Surgere to speak, host reception at Automotive Logistics Mexico Conference, January 31 – February 2, 2017, Mexico City

If Mexico’s fast-growing automotive industry achieves the kind of output boost that has been forecast in the next few years, its logistics networks will need to be well prepared. Surgere President and CEO, William Wappler will present on the importance of Industry 4.0 and innovation in the automotive logistics and supply chain.

With vehicle output expected to exceed 5m units by 2020, the Mexican automotive sector has never looked in better shape, or in greater turmoil. The country’s logistics networks will need some substantial upgrades in terms of roads, railways, and ports if they are to handle all the extra traffic such growth will inevitably bring.

Vehicle production in Mexico is certainly booming, with numerous OEMs opening or planning new plants. BMW, for example, is planning a $1 billion earlier this year in a new site in San Luis Potosi that will begin producing vehicles in 2019. Elsewhere, Audi has just begun production at a new factory in San José Chiapa, Kia recently started serial production at a site near Monterrey, and Toyota is currently setting up a new manufacturing site in the state of Guanajuato.

The conference titled “Keeping Mexico on Track” eludes to Mexico’s rapidly growing automotive industry, its increasing output forecasts, concerns around straining it’s developing logistics infrastructure and the evolving dynamics of the U.S. president-elect’s pressure and warning of policy changes that would impose new costs on cross-border trade.  

NAFTA, The Trump Administration, economics, and increasing production demands are all volatile factors that are impacting automotive strategies across the globe. As these companies look to their logistics and supply chain management partners to support their business planning, mobile asset visibility, advanced data analytics, and digitization will be key in achieving efficiency and maximizing cost savings opportunities through such a dynamic automotive era.

“At Surgere we believe we have to solve the debilitating problems resulting from the lack of visibility and information over mobile assets, such as reusable containers and trucks, in order to achieve supply chain control and understanding,” says William Wappler.

Wappler will focus on the latest tracking technology innovations and related challenges facing automotive logistics supply chains. Presenting use case examples around returnable container management, yard management, over-the-road management, and part motion and disposition. Surgere offers advanced data acquisition technologies like RFID, GPS other device-layering combinations and applies them to real-world models.

Accurate sensor-level data collection is critical for achieving the best possible decision-making environments. As the automotive industry presses into Industry 4.0 and the digital-physical realm of interconnection, autonomy, real-time capability and virtual entities, the role of asset data-on-location, condition, and use will bring forth new control and optimization opportunities to the Mexican automotive supply chain.

Wappler will be presenting on Wednesday, February 1 as part of the “Ensuring world-class manufacturing and logistics in Mexico” track. His session will explore how the growing use of automation and data will assist and accelerate the growth and efficiency of Mexican manufacturing and logistics. Wappler will be presenting a talk titled “Information Overcomes Adversity” – offering insights into new supply chain innovation and the role technology will play in overcoming adversity in Mexico’s automotive supply chain.

Keeping Mexico’s explosive growth on the rails and ensuring the automotive sector and its suppliers there have the road network, rail freight services and port capacity they really need will be the central theme of the Automotive Logistics Mexico conference, where OEMs, service providers, infrastructure operators and technology solutions suppliers will come together to find the best way forward in ensuring long-term investment and efficiency in the supply chain.

In addition to all the industry insight and intelligence on offer, the conference will also provide an excellent opportunity for some high-level networking as all the top players in the sector rub shoulders throughout the event, including at the pre-conference drinks reception, the coffee and lunch breaks during the conference itself, the glittering gala dinner, then as a conclusion to the evening, an After Glow Party, hosted by Surgere.

The After Glow party will be held at Club Piso 51, poised atop the famous Torre Mayor Building. With the most privileged views of the city and of the magnificent Forest of Chapultepec, the evening promises to deliver in all its dimensions. The party starts at 9:00 pm at the end of the first full conference day, and runs until midnight. 

For more information, please see the conference website.

With services performing at companies like Adient, Cooper Standard, Detroit Thermal Systems, Lear Corporation, MTD Products, The Timken Company, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, Whirlpool, Yanfeng Automotive, and many others, Surgere continues to lead the industry in providing asset location technologies, robotic-assisted acquisition, and advanced analytic techniques.

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