Introduces Kit for Marking Pallet Locations on Industrial Concrete Floors

The Superior Mark Pallet Marking Kit includes four pre-cut strips of durable Superior Mark floor tape, which align perfectly to create a box shape on industrial floors.

Wake Forest, NC (PRWEB) – announces a new floor marking product that makes marking box shapes on industrial concrete floors much faster, easier, and long lasting. The Superior Mark Pallet Marking Kit includes pre-cut strips of the patent-pending Superior Mark floor tape, engineered to withstand more force than any other floor marking tape.

Superior Mark features beveled edges and recessed adhesive, and has been tested to withstand maximum amounts of force as compared to other floor marking tapes. This new pallet marking kit is made from pre-cut strips of Superior Mark floor tape, the strongest grade of yellow floor tape available. Pre-cut pallet marking kits make warehouse floor marking easier and faster to install than other methods of floor marking such as painting lines.

The ends of each strip of tape are cut in a puzzle shape, to ensure they are easily and seamlessly joined. This allows the beveled edges to be maintained around the entire box, maximizing the durability of the floor marking.

This pre-cut pallet marking kit can be installed in just a few minutes by simply peeling and sticking. For best results pre-cleaning the floor with alcohol is recommended, as is tamping the tape down with a tamper cart.

Free samples of Superior Mark tape are available. “We strongly encourage testing Superior Mark and performing an objective cost analysis, comparing it to other floor marking methods such as painting and other brands of floor tape,” says Managing Director Cliff Lowe. Because of its durability, case studies have shown Superior Mark to be more cost effective over the long term, than standard vinyl floor tapes and painting.

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  1. Also Paint requires costly downtime because you need to hire professional painters and it would obviously not be ready soon after it is applied as we need to wait until it gets dried up, whereas aisle marking tape is a simple installation and is immediately ready for traffic or even the public places like footpaths or warehouses in industries, once it’s been properly applied. The main benefit of using the aisle tape is its durability. Aisle marking tape is designed in such a way that it has protective layer which keeps it looking new and even last for years, unlike paint.

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