Steel Pallet Systems Pty Ltd Lists on ASSOB

steel palletSteel Pallet Systems Pty Ltd, an Australia company with big vision, has “listed” on ASSOB, or the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board which is Australia’s largest and most successful business introduction and matching platform for showcasing investment opportunities in high growth, unlisted Australian companies, with over AUD136,000,000 raised to date.

A wide range of businesses, from seed and start-up stage, to award-winning and government granted companies, as well as more established growth and expanding companies have joined ASSOB seeking access to growth capital and a convenient forum to connect with stakeholders.

The ASSOB investment process provides for

Proper equity ownership recording

1.Minimum Subscription clearly detailed and managed

2.Non-statutory trust accounting practices to hold funds until preconditions are satisfied

3.ASIC lodgement monitoring

4.Adherence to initial and ongoing ASSOB compliance requirements in addition to legislative obligations.

5.Cooling off periods prescribed

Steel Pallet Systems Pty Ltd offers an economical lightweight, galvanized, durable, non welded and repairable steel pallet targeting the price gap between quality repeat use hardwood pallets and similar quality and purpose plastic pallets for delivery worldwide. With prudent use the pallet will last indefinitely, i.e. ten, twenty, thirty years, and if damaged beyond repair is recyclable at revenue not cost.

In addition the company will offer closed loop pallet management for rented or leased pallets. The product is IP protected. More information is available at


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Steel Pallet Systems Pty Ltd

Alec Bailey

Managing Director

Suites 1-8 Kellicar Lane, Macarthur Square

Campbelltown NSW 2560 Australia

PO Box 24 Camden NSW 2570 Australia


P +61 2 4629 7737

F +61 2 4629 7785

M. 61 (0) 414955777

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